Milk with More

We pride ourselves on making milk the way you’d like to see it made. Green grass, a happy herd, and delivered to you in glass bottles. 

Our milk is naturally A2 (which means it’s kinder on your tummy than normal milk), low in cholesterol and rich in iron.

Other epic benefits of our A2 milk are :

+ We are serious coffee fans, and we’re very picky about our favourite drink – so it was vital that our milk made the best coffee we’d ever tasted. Mission accomplished!

+ Our A2 milk has been proven to be a natural anti- inflammatory, making it super popular with athletes or people with busy lives.

+ Goat milk can help to increase brain function and also help prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

+ Choosing our milk is choosing to protect the rivers of New Zealand, as there is no effluent or ‘run off’ into waterways.






Our milk comes in 1L Glass Bottles – this is why :

+ Firstly – our milk tastes terrific in glass bottles !

+  With every order we drop off, we’ll collect the bottles for recycling / re-use – saving you time and helping save the planet. It’s​ a win – win !

+ Glass is pure and non reactive – it naturally protects the milk giving you 100% of the taste

+ Only natural products are used to make glass – it’s recyclable and re-usable

+ Glass is non leaching, unlike plastic.

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