Our A2 Goat Milk started out because of a need for my family; my wife and kids had a sensitivity to cows milk. I thought we can’t be the only ones! Wanting a natural alternative with a sustainable way of farming, we started Goat Island Dairy (GID). We set out on a journey of producing better dairy products for you and your family. So enjoy our great 100% Pure A2 Goat Milk Products, made from happy goats, sunshine and the odd shower of rain – the way Mother Nature intended.

We vowed to make healthy milk from a grass fed herd, that are treated like royalty. Traditional Milk, traditional taste – all perfectly presented in a beautiful glass bottle.

We make milk that’s better for our children, our friends, our families, and better for the countryside it comes from.

+ Our herd grazes in green New Zealand meadows – most of which even have a sea view !

+ Every field has natural shelter for the animals, from the slightly “Antarctic weather’ we sometimes get here in South Island New Zealand

+ Our herd will never be fed palm Kernel (PKE) or anything similar. Ever.

+ All our herd drink beautiful fresh spring water.

+ Choosing our milk is choosing to protect the precious rivers and lands of New Zealand.

+ Milk that’s free from chemicals, fertilisers or phosphates . The way milk should be. 

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